Government of New Brunswick

If you live in an incorporated area (city, town, village, rural community, or regional municipality, please contact your local municipal office. Municipal staff will assign your civic address and can answer any questions you may have about your property.

If you live outside an unincorporated area, please complete this form or call the NB 9-1-1 Bureau at 1-888-353-4444.

Forms can be sent via:

Fax:    (506) 457-6913
Mail: NB 9-1-1 Bureau Victoria Health Centre 65 Brunswick Street,
         2nd Floor Fredericton, NB E3B 1G5

Please have your property’s Parcel Identifier Number (PID) available when contacting the NB 9-1-1 Bureau with questions or for updates. Your PID is found at the top of your Assessment and Tax Notice.

Note: You should never assign your own civic address. Self-assigned addresses may be difficult to locate in the event of an emergency. Residents may also experience delayed mail and other services.


We work with property owners to assign appropriate addresses. If you are not the property owner, we will need confirmation from the owner that you are authorized to receive information and act on his/her behalf.


There is no charge for civic address assignment.


We recommend that you apply as early in the building process as possible, and tell us when you plan to build or move.


In most situations, addresses can be assigned very quickly, and you may receive your civic number within two weeks. However, some requests are not straightforward and may require additional research, naming of roads, and other tasks.

The NB 9-1-1 Bureau needs to collect and review key information about each property, including adjacent and neighbouring properties. The more information you can provide in your request form, the more quickly we should be able to complete your request.


A Notification of New Civic Address will be sent to you by email or regular mail. In addition, you may be notified of your new civic address by telephone.


NB 9-1-1 does not assign or provide postal codes. Please contact Canada Post to confirm your postal code.