Government of New Brunswick
I want to adopt a child. What can I do?

If you are interested in adopting a child, you should contact your local Social Development Regional Office for information.


I live in another province and wish to inquire about adopting a New Brunswick Child. How do I proceed?

The Province of New Brunswick is presently running an adoption project to try to find placements for children in the care of the Minister of Social Development with families within the province of New Brunswick. If a placement cannot be found within the province for a specific child, there is an agreement that allows a child's profile to be sent to other provinces for them to make matches from their approved homes. You should contact your provincial agency to inquire about adoption of a child from another province

Who can give me information on finding birth parents or a child given up for adoption?

Post Adoption Disclosure Services were established so that people separated by adoptions that took place in New Brunswick can obtain information and/or be put in contact with each other. A Post Adoption Disclosure Register is kept for adult adoptees (those age 19 or over), birth parents and adult birth siblings who want to contact each other. Contact can be facilitated when adoptees and birth relatives are matched with each other because both have placed their names on the register. Both adoptees and birth relatives can also request searches for the person they are seeking. The service also provides non-identifying information about each other to adoptees, adoptive parents and birth relatives. There is no fee for this service.

Click here for more information including how to contact Post Adoption Disclosure Services.


What are the types of adoption

There are three main types of adoption including

  • Ministerial (infant and older, special needs and sibling groups)
  • Private (birth parent/s place the child directly with someone known to them)
  • International